Proud Moment and 17th 2nd Convocation Annual Fancation of Aradhna Sangeet Academy

Proud Moment.

 2nd Convocation and 17th Annual Fancation of

Aradhna Sangeet Academy.

About Academy Aradhana Sangeet Academy is one of prominent music institute of Gujarat. More than 150 Students are taking training in this institute. Aradhana Sangeet Academy provides degree courses like Sangeet Visharad (B.A. in Music), Sangeet Alankar (M.A. in Music) and Sangeet Praveen (Ph.D. in music) etc. Read More Regular Events

Organizing Annual Swarotsav each year and all the students participate in it and they are given training of how to perform on stage.

Every Year Garba mahotsav is held during Navratri.

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